Business and Administrative Strategic Information System

BASIS is a University of Arkansas developed suite of integrated applications addressing the institution's human resource, business, and financial needs. The areas addressed generally include employee payroll, benefits, and leave accounting; travel, purchasing, and accounts payable; asset tracking, budgeting, and accounting; and non-student billing and receivables.

Three Faces of BASIS

There are three separate interfaces available for interacting with BASIS. Two are web based, one for all employees and one for administrators, plus a character mode terminal interface available only to administrators.

Employee Access

BASIS is available to all University employees via the internet, a web browser, and webBASIS – which provide the interface to, and means by which employees interact with, BASIS. Authentication for this access is based upon the employee's UARK ID and password. The resulting access is restricted to that information maintained about the employee, and includes many self service facilities for maintaining that same data.

Administrator Access

The business of the University is conducted within BASIS by hundreds of employees that are granted special (and sometimes very broad) access based upon their job duties. These duties may include requisitioning and purchasing of goods or services, entering employee hiring and termination information, entering employee time worked or absences, entering travel requests or claims, reviewing expenses and requesting adjustments, approving such transactions, or merely monitoring these activities. Loosely, this group of employees is referred to as administrators even though it includes faculty, coaches, and other employees where this access to BASIS is a very minor part of their job and may be solely for information purposes. (In fact, many administrators are not even employees of the University but are approved affiliates that have been granted privileged access to BASIS due to their special relationship with the University.)

Administrators may access BASIS in either of two ways via two very different interfaces. The primary and traditional means of access for administrators is via the character mode terminal interface known as TN3270 (or telnet 3270), which requires a terminal emulator that runs on an internet connected computer. The second means is via a web browser and webBASIS – however, not all BASIS functionality is available using the web interface. For security reasons, authentication for all administrator access (via either interface) is based upon an Admin ID and password – which is separate from the employee's (or affiliate's) UARK ID. (The domain name of the IBM mainframe computer where BASIS runs is, thus the term Admin ID for a User ID on that computer.)

The webBASIS sign-on page allows for employee log on with a UARK ID and password, or administrator log on with an Admin ID and password. TN3270 access to always requires an Admin ID and password.

Prerequisites to Administrator Access

There are two prerequisites to, or requirements for, administrator access to BASIS.

1. A Desk

Administrator access to BASIS is secured based upon a virtual desk – which is merely a way of defining the role performed, or responsibilities of, an employee within BASIS. An individual's desk assignment is based upon the employee's appointment (position), or an explicit assignment made for hourly employees or affiliates. Without a desk, administrator access via webBASIS is not permitted and access via TN3270 is extremely limited. If an employee requires administrator access, these duties should be part of the employee's job description and it is the responsibility of the employee's management to see that a desk assignment exists (or is made) for the employee.

2. An Admin ID

Any employee or authorized affiliate may obtain an Admin ID by signing into webBASIS as an employee using their UARK ID. Near the bottom of the main menu is the option Admin ID Request. After selection, the subsequent page will require entry of an Initial Password. That entry must be Validated and then Saved, via the available buttons. The Admin ID will then be setup as identified with the initial password specified. The employee must then sign on to using the assigned Admin ID and initial password, and is required to set a new password during that sign-on process.

Administrator Access

Once an employee has obtained an Admin ID, he or she may log on, optionally set a new password, and access the administrative facilities of BASIS using either the web or the 3270 interface.

Admin Access via webBASIS

The top portion of the webBASIS sign on page is for Employee/Affiliate Access (using the UARK ID and password) while the bottom portion is for BASIS Administrator Access (using the Admin ID and password). Merely sign in using the bottom portion of the page with your Admin ID and password. If you have an initial password, your password has been reset, or wish to change your Admin password; click the Change Admin Password button. The page will be re-formatted so that, in addition to the entry of Admin ID and password (both still required), input fields for New Password and Repeat New Password will be available and the password rules will be displayed below the buttons. Enter your new password twice and click the Change Admin Password again.

Admin access via TN3270

An employee must have a networked computer with TN3270 emulation software in order to telnet to Windows users need QWS 3270 Secure, while MAC users need Brown TN3270. Questions regarding these products should be directed to the IT Services Help Desk at (479) 575-2905, or additional information is available on the New User Information page (on

Once this software is installed and configured, the employee can login to using the initial password established with the Admin ID Request. At that time, the employee will be required to enter a new password. After pressing ENTER, the new password must be re-entered to confirm the exact spelling.

Forgotten Admin Passwords

When an employee or affiliate has forgotten their Admin password or used an incorrect password 5 consecutive times, a new temporary password can be established by the employee's Leave Representative (the administrator responsible for reporting absences for their department) or the IT Services Help Desk (go to the IT Services Help Desk in the Administrative Services Building on Razorback Road or to the General Access Computing Labs in the Arkansas Union or Mullins Library during business hours and show your University ID). This new password will not be known by the Leave Representative or Help Desk personnel, but will be e-mailed to the employee's UARK ID. This temporary password must be used with the next sign-in, either as an administrator via webBASIS or via the TN3270 interface. A new Admin password must be established at that time (the same as for the initial password and sign-in procedure discussed previously).

BASIS Training and Support

BASIS training is available on request for administrators and is personalized to the needs of the individual. Depending upon an employee's job responsibilities, multiple training sessions may be required for various BASIS applications. Training may be scheduled by emailing