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BASIS Applications' 'How To' Quick Reference Guides

'How To'Quick Reference Guide(s) by Application
Application'How To'Quick Reference Guide
AIMS How to Add Departmental Assets
How to Surplus Assets
ARS ARS Quick Reference
DART DART Overview
How to Print DBR
How to View CCC Balances
How to View Expenditures
How to View Encumbrances and Pending Transactions
How to View, Add, and Update Categories
How to Distribute Budget to Categories
GJIM GJIM Overview
How to Create Expenditure Transfers
How to Create Fund Transfers
How to Create Journal Entries
How to Create an Interdepartmental Invoices
How to Create Account Code Changes
HRLY-TS Hourly Time Sheets - Quick Reference
Hourly Time - Work Study Quick Reference
LABOR Labor Quick Reference
LEAVE Leave Quick Reference
PAYROLL Summer Teaching & Research
PSB PSB Quick Reference
How to Create GA Tuition Waivers
How to Create Affiliate Privileges
UPS How to Create and Submit a Requisition
How to Review and Approve Purchasing and Travel Transactions
How To Update a Purchase Order (change CC, increase max, etc)
How To Process a Request to Travel
How To Create Requisitions for On Campus Vendors (i.e. Bookstore, Telephone Services, etc)
Guide to using Lists to locate Requisition, PO, and Invoice Information
How to Create a Sole Source Requisition
How To Request and Approve Charges with OfficeMax
How To Request and Approve Charges on a Procurement Card (PCard)
How To Request and Approve Charges on an Administrative Travel Card (TCard)
How To Approve eBusiness Charges with VWR
How To Process a Travel Claim using 3270 BASIS (Not the web version)
TARGET TARGET Quick Reference